Damn those Girl Scouts!

The Girl Scouts are invading my neighborhood.  I’ve been hiding from them.  “Yes, I know you’re adorable, and this is a great cause, and the cookies taste really great but…but…okay, give me the peanut butter ones.”



My husband “took one for the team” and ate the box so I wouldn’t have to.  It was a tough job for him.  Yeah…He loves me that much 😉

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?



P.S. – Thanks, Heather, for posting the ecard!

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15 responses to “Damn those Girl Scouts!

  1. Thin Mints are by far the superior cookie. Did you know that you can now opt to donate rather than buy the cookies? I noticed it on the order form (I bought 3 boxes and gave them to people at work).

  2. I bough ten boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from a little girl at church. The Girl Scouts now allow you to buy the cookies and have them sent to American servicemen and women overseas (they need the cookies more than I do).

  3. Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel Delights! I like them frozen. I have only had 1 cookie in 2 years though, I never seem to be in the right place at the right time. On a side note, I was a girl scout for almost 10 years and I LOVED cookie time. We would always have contests to sell cookies. I hit 500 every year and we were given tickets to Sea World. Now, the lucky girls who sell 500 get a water bottle. My gosh times have changed!

    • 500 boxes of cookies? Man, you should get a job in sales! I wonder if the Girl Scouts of today sell online? Maybe that’s why 500 boxes is only water bottle worthy. Or maybe people are more overweight and just buy more cookies. Hmm…

  4. hahaha, i love that. My favorite ones used to be tag alongs, but I think my current favorites are the samoas! yummy yummy, I had to throw them in the back of the freezer because I’m waiting until after lent to eat chocolate and ice cream…hopefully no one gets to them ;).

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