Running to Stand Still


candles in my kitchen

Did you ever have one of those pantyhose on backwards days?  Welcome to my world.  I live in Austin, Texas where the weather makes no sense.  Example:  last night there was a wind storm.  No rain.  Just wind.  Just ’cause.

Thank you, wind, for decorating my neighbors’ lawns with sections of my roof and for letting me appreciate the splendor of modern heat and electricity by removing it from my life for 8 hours.  Oh well, it pales in comparison to what my friends and family in Jersey had to deal with, so I won’t complain too loudly lest they beat me up.

Anyway, food prep for the week was obviously out of the question, so I went to bed at 8 p.m.  My body was thoroughly confused.  Wait…what?  You’re sleeping!?!  And my body liked the whole “sleep” thing so much I slept through my phone alarm this morning.  Missed my cardio, but got the kids to school before the first bell, so I count it as a victory.

Now that it’s evening I’m catching up on a few things like…meal prep!

Food prep

Food prep

This week I decided to do some cuisine experiments.  (Uh oh!  Yeah, I know you’re thinking it.)  There are only so many things you can do with chicken when you can’t use (a) butter, (b) salt, (c) milk or cream, (d) seasonings.  But I can use herbs and spices, so Ima go with that!

Spices save the day!

Spices save the day!

Well, it’s after 9:30 now and I’m off to the gym!  Better late than never!

How’s your evening going?

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2 responses to “Running to Stand Still

  1. Ugh! Sorry but I think my evening is a tad better than yours. Why does everything happen on the same day?

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