February Goals – How Did I Do?

I blinked and February was over!  At the start of each month I write out 3-5 goals and check in month’s end to see how I did.  Here’s a link to my February Goals.

February Goals & Status

1.  Sign up for my certified personal trainer (CPT) exam and pass it.

  • Current life realities interfered with future stated career goals.  We own a small business and the bulk of my time was sucked up doing tax preparation, government compliance reporting, and financial paperwork for our mortgage.  It didn’t make sense for me to sign up for an exam I wasn’t prepared to take.  But, I did start taking the online review tests, have been multitasking by studying flash cards while on the treadmill, and will schedule my exam for next month.

    Studying for CPT exam

    Studying for CPT exam

2.  Cook ahead on the weekends.  I think this will help me stick to my meal plans more effectively.

  • Success!!!  My refrigerator has been fully stocked with pre-made healthy meals and I’ve been fairly consistent about cooking clean eating foods for my family.  It’s not 100%, as my husband and kids are into chips BIG Time, but chips are no longer any every day thing, more like a once a week thing. (At least for my kids.  Henri eats chips every night, but that’s another story.)

    Meals for the Week

    Meals for the Week

3.  Start up progress pictures again* to motivate me to train harder.  (*Per my trainer, Mel, I’m not allowed to post any progress pics on FB until after the competition.)

  • I did start the progress pictures again.  They are helpful.  The funniest part is when my BFF, Meghan, read that I wasn’t going to post the pictures and she texted me, “LMAO!  That’s the ONE rule you decide to follow???”  I promise to post all the pictures in order after the competition.  For now, here’s a progress picture of sorts.  It’s not in a bikini, but it shows off my new exercise outfit Mel gave me because she’s awesome.

    Progress Pic - Feb. 2013

    Progress Pic – Feb. 2013

How did you do on your February goals?


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