March Goals

I was going to get super zealous and include some major closet overhaul tasks in my goals, but then I remembered it’s spring break and, really…trying to organize anything with two kids in the house is like shoveling your driveway in the middle of a blizzard.

March Goals

  1. Study for CPT Test
  2. Pass CPT Exam
  3. Make some cool T-shirts

Do you have any goals for March? 

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5 responses to “March Goals

  1. I set some reasonable goals. Spin at least once a week. Start stage 2 of NROLFW. Get enough sleep. I also need to get my lit review done my mid month. That’s the one that will be the hardest.

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  3. Good goals 🙂

    My main goal for March is to recover as well as I can and get lifting again as soon as I can. Apart from that, I’m just continuing the slow and steady fat loss / muscle gain thing.

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