Exercise Music Quiz

Which is the best music to listen to when you workout?

  • a) Fast upbeat musicMusic
  • b) Classical
  • c) Hip hop
  • d) Silence

If you chose A, B or C you would be correct, according to a study at the University of Kansas.  Researchers took 27 active adults between the ages of 18-30 and had them do 20 minutes of cardio exercise while either listening to fast upbeat music, classical music, self-selected music or no music at all.  They discovered that all subjects listening to music recorded reduced perceived feelings of physical exertion compared to the group not listening to any music.   (Source:  Ammons Scientific – Influence of Music)

So the moral of the story is – listen to music and your workout will seem easier.

If you listen to music you like (as opposed to letting some scientist from the University of Kansas selecting it for you,) you get the added benefit of increased blood flow and circulation found to be good for your heart.  (Source:  Joyful Music and Laughter Do The Heart Good.)

Yes!  Scientists have confirmed listening to my iPhone on the treadmill rocks.

What’s your favorite workout music?


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8 responses to “Exercise Music Quiz

  1. I agree with Colin – I totally see the truth in this!

    It’s odd though, I love listening to a lot of pop and hip-hop music while I work out – tracks that I would never touch beyond my workouts.

  2. Um I have a playlist, that is specifically ordered. I’m anal about my workout music. Mostly rap and hard rock – lots of eminem and linkin park.

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