OMG – Best temper tantrum story EVER!

Remember how I wrote a few days ago about my kid having a public temper tantrum and being mortified but it’s all good because it gets easier?  (Read here: It Gets Easier.)  OK, well one blogger, Cathy Brockman, shared her own temper tantrum story…

Here’s what she wrote:

My daughter was 4 and was going to an Assemblies of God church regularly. We were in Walmart and she wanted something at the check out.  I told her no and the tantrum began.  She laid on the floor wailing. I jerked her a up and whispered menacingly in her ear…’When we get home I am going to kill you.’  Of course I meant no such thing, but she stood up, threw her arms in the air, and commence praying for me loudly. ‘Lord please save my mom; she is going to kill me and that means she will go to hell. I’ll be ok. I’m a child I will be in heaven, but I want my mommy there with me; so can you forgive her before she does?’  I was mortified!

OMG I was literally CRYING after reading that.   Cathy just wrote a book.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out:  Luke’s Dragon

Thanks, Cathy, for making me laugh!

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5 responses to “OMG – Best temper tantrum story EVER!

  1. Here’s my child’s tantrum story. This happened last week,
    The 4 year old boy child was told repeatedly to get dressed over the 45 minutes to get out of the house, finally I accept that he his not going to dress himself that morning. So I grab clothes and proceed to try and strip his PJ off and stuff him into his clothes. He continues to whine and protest to such a degree that it is impossible to get further than take his pajama shirt off.
    So I tell him what will happen and then follow through. I scoop him up, carry him to the car and buckle him in. He is still yelling and fighting but I leave him in the car and go grab my stuff and his clothes. Did I mention this is the end of February in NJ? So when I get back to the car he is unbuckled and still upset.
    “Can I please put my shirt on Mommy?” he says. Phew! I was concerned that I was going to have to drop him off at school in pajama bottoms and bare feet!

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