People Watching…ME?

Ok, so you know how I wrote a post about the fact that I engage in people watching at the gym when I’m doing my cardio?  And I make up little nicknames for them cause it’s really boring to be on a treadmill for 40 minutes?  Well, it got me thinking…What are people calling me?

I think my nickname might have changed depending upon the bodybuilding competition I was training for.   Here are my guesses for what others have called me:

  • Sweatshirt Girl  (Daniel made me wear a sweatshirt everyday training for my first show because he said I didn’t sweat enough)

    400 lunges a day - yes!

    400 lunges a day – yes!

  • Crazy Lunge Woman (As part of Operation Ass Lift for show #2 Daniel made me do 400 lunges a day with a 50 lb. bar on my back.  That got me noticed!)
  • The Bikini Chick (I had to practice my bikini poses so I tried to do them at 5 a.m. when only a few fellow gym rats were around.  But sometimes the Group X room wasn’t available until 6:30 a.m. and on those days I had a bit of an audience.  The manager made me put a towel on.  (For Real – read here:  Hey, Put a Towel on Lady!)

    Strike a Pose...just not while anyone is looking

    Strike a Pose…                                         just not while anyone is looking

  • Stair Master Text Book Reader (***If you are my trainer, please don’t read this***  Currently, I have to multitask so I study my personal trainer textbook while on the Stair Master.  I am aware that I should not be doing this…especially since I’m going to be a personal trainer telling you not to do this… )

I can only imagine the other names people have for me.  Let’s hope they’re nice ones at least!  (If you workout at my gym – I’ll tell you my nickname for you if you tell me your nickname for me.)

What do you think YOUR nickname is?

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12 responses to “People Watching…ME?

  1. Girl who looks like a beet root whenever she runs! Lol! My trainer has called me a pocket rocket since I am so short (5ft,1).

  2. Umm…I called you sweatshirt girl…I just figured you were hiding your fabulous transformation. Now I call you Lisa the blog girl to others who might not know you. But it’s better than the girl we refer to as Tutti-Frutti…don’t ask 🙂

    Alright give it up.

    • Sweet! I called you Skinny Tan Girl and put you in the category of “Elite Gym Rats” – LOL! I remember the first time you spoke to me I was so excited I told Henri, “The Gym Rats are talking to me now!! I’ve moved up in the world!” 🙂 OK – You tell me who Tutti-Frutti is and I’ll tell you who What’s In Your Wallet is.

  3. I’m girl that lives in the gym. No really, I’ve had members ask me if I had an apartment out back. And the running lady since I lead up the running program. I don’t even want to think about what my clients call me behind my back.

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