Me Day!

I had a me day!!  It was my first since June, so I guess I was due.  Plus, I had to reward myself for completing the taxes, government paperwork and financials for four different banks, all without eating a single ounce of chocolate; not even an M&M.  (I did drink coffee with creamer though.)

I started at Zilker Park for the free yoga class sponsored by SweatGuru.  The class was led by Jaime Walker, the founder of SweatGuru and Sweat Pink, so I was really excited to meet her.

Jaime Walker

Jaime Walker

You might have seen Sweat Pink Ambassador buttons on people’s blogs.  Here’s the story behind it:

Jamie was on a bus to run a 50 mile ultra marathon and was wearing pink shoes and pigtails.  Some obnoxious dude started making fun of her and implied that she couldn’t possibly keep up with him because a) she was a girl and b) she was a girly-girl.  She proceeded to kick his ass on a steep hill, one pink foot at a time.  She sweats pink and she sweats it proud.

I haven’t done yoga in years.  I was a little nervous because I did a killer leg/glutes workout on Friday but the yoga actually helped to stretch out my tight muscles.

Yoga in Zilker Park

Yoga in Zilker Park

On a totally random note, I met a woman from Corpus Christi who read my blog!  (She is the one on the far left.)  Her blog is called

Some of us after yoga class

Some of us after yoga class

After that I went shopping.  (I’m a girly-girl too, it seems.)

I bought a ton of exercise shirts for Operation Snarky Shirt, my no-budget guerrilla marking campaign.  And yes, I got knee socks.  Look out conservative gym-goers of AustinYeah, I’m pushing 40 and am going to rock those knee highs!  (Unless my friend, Obedia, rips them off my feet like she has threatened to do if I wear them in public.)

Rockin' the knee socks

Rockin’ the knee socks

I also bought shirts for my husband to wear on Easter and these super-cute clothes for my kids.

Super Cool Easter Outfits

Super Cool Easter Outfits

Rylee Brianna

Rylee Brianna

Little Henry

Little Henry

The dollars were adding up, but the clothes are so worth it.  And you wonder why my husband tries to discourage me from having too many “me” days? 😉

How do you spend your “me” days?

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7 responses to “Me Day!

  1. Hilarious you mentioned the no chocolate while doing taxes. While doing our state taxes, I am pretty sure I said, “what the eff are you talking about, state of Arkansas???” at least four times followed by eating some dark chocolate each time. P.S. love the socks. 🙂

  2. Every blue moon, I spend the me day just sitting on the couch catching up on a full season of one of my fave shows…TV overload! LOL. My wife just smiles and lets me chill since it doesn’t happen often. We are always moving so its nice when we each get to have that “me” day 🙂

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