Guilty Pleasures

I’m a pretty optimistic person.  (I’d have to be to enter a bikini competition at age 38 and size 14.)  But I have to admit…I love Grumpy Cat.  Grumpy Cat keeps it real.  Examples:

Grumpy Cat - 9 lives

And my favorite:Grump Cat - Roses are red

Another guilty pleasure I have is watching Downton Abbey.  I just discovered this show on Netflix and I’m obsessed.  On my run yesterday Martina told me there is an entire Twitter account dedicated to Mrs. O’Brien’s Bangs.  For real.  @obrienbangs

Final confession:  I love reading the advertisements in Muscle & Fitness, which is a bodybuilding magazine for men.


Why?  Well first let’s talk about the advertisements in women’s fitness magazines.  They show moms smiling with their adorable well behaved children eating Greek yogurt happily or super models in near orgasmic states while washing their hair (that happens to me often.)  Here is an actual advertisement in Muscle & Fitness:

“Girls break hearts.  Cars break down.  Bosses break balls.  That’s why you need XYZ supplement for your workout.”

Huh!?!  Did they use the scrotum as a selling tool?  That’s so random – I love it!  Do men really talk like that when the ladies aren’t around?  Can you imagine a women’s magazine saying, “Hey ladies, get out of your head, throw your p**** in the ring, and buy our shampoo!”???

Anyway, what’s your guilty pleasure?

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16 responses to “Guilty Pleasures

  1. I wanna get outta my head and throw my ‘p’ in the ring! Yes, I would well respond to that advertisement.

    Your twitter plug almost pulled me over red rover to signing up. LULZ

  2. Grumpy cat is too cute to disagree with. He had me laughing this morning. Sorry to admit, but I love the OC housewives. Guilty pleasure and all useless TV.

    • LOL! That is a guilty pleasure for sure! My friend and I were shopping at the Dollar Store one day for coloring books and toilet paper and we said, “Yeah, we’re the REAL, real housewives…” 😉

  3. I HAVE THAT MUSCLE MAG! That was one of my first Muscle and Fitness mags I ever purchased! I don’t know where it is and I forgot I had it. THats too funny!

  4. I’ve never watched Downtown Abby, but have my own television affair with Being Human. The reason I refuse to read women’s magazines like Shape are that they all have that rep for Photoshopping and not being real. I want real women, real sweat! And finally, Grumpy Cat is just too awesome for words! 🙂

  5. Yes, as someone that spent most of their late teens and early 20s packed in a testosterone filled bus with my college’s mens sports teams, I can say that guys really do talk like that. I occasionally do still talk like that. Which probably explains my current dating situation. And I’m still trying to figure out what the hottest new shade of lip gloss has to do with getting bigger, more defined traps.

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