Forgot to Eat?

I have forgotten many, many things in my life:  the location of my keys, a password for my bank account, pajama day.  But I can honestly say I’ve never forgotten to eat.  My husband is the exact opposite.  He can go an entire day with nothing more than a cup of coffee and then he’ll wonder why he’s grumpy.

But apparently forgetting to eat can be pretty common, especially if you are very engrossed at work or if you take certain medications that reduce your appetite.

If you forget to eat here’s two tips to try:

  1. Set phone alarms to remind you to eat.
  2. If possible put your food somewhere visible to remind you to eat it.

If you have a loss of appetite and don’t know why talk to your doctor.   If you only eat one meal a day or nothing but a cup of coffee you are lacking the nutrients your body needs to function properly.  Not eating enough nutrients leaves you tired and irritable too.

So eat up and stay healthy.

Have you ever forgotten to eat?

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12 responses to “Forgot to Eat?

  1. Reblogged this on On The Go Fitness and commented:
    I’ve always wondered about this… I have never EVER forgotten to eat. I have skipped meals because I am too busy or I can’t find anything suitable (i.e. gluten free and not full of crapola), but that has nothing to do with not remembering!

  2. Oh man that rarely happens to me! I also know guys that eat nothing all day and are fine with it. Not this girl! It is kinda cool when I forget to eat I must admit. But my body usually reminds me with a drop in energy and mood. Maybe from years of training myself to eat small meals? Or my body just needs food every 1-2 hours?

  3. I do forget to eat, when I’m at home. And it’s bad, because then I starve and eat whatever junky food I can find. Preferably deep fried with cream filling. Now that I’m employed again I remember better

    • I told my husband I think he is a Transformer. He requires no food, but when he does eat it is crap and he never gains weight. This requires me to punch him from time to time out of sheer jealousy.

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