NYC Soda Ban Blocked. Your thoughts?

mayor-bloomberg-soda-ban-nyc-love-flirting-ecards-someecards  The proposed soda ban in NYC was struck down by a state Supreme Court judge.  If you have not heard about this story here is a quick synopsis:

Mayor Bloomberg made health a cornerstone of his administration by prohibiting smoking in restaurants, bars and parks, banning trans fats, and requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts.

The most recent law he put into effect banned sugary drinks 16 oz. or greater in size as a way to combat the growing obesity epidemic.

The soda manufactures, restaurants and other businesses sued stating the law was overreach into citizens’ personal liberty.

The judge struck down the law calling it, “arbitrary and capricious,” due to the many and varied loopholes in the law.  For example:  only businesses monitored by the health department (such as restaurants) had to follow the ban; grocery stores and 7-11’s did not have to.  Sweetened milk products, like milkshakes, were allowed even though they contained just as much sugar as other beverages.  And coffee would be handed to customers unsweetened but they would be handed as many sugar packets as they requested.

What are your thoughts about this?

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18 responses to “NYC Soda Ban Blocked. Your thoughts?

  1. I think that though while the best interest is being considered, it is not something that laws should enforce. Believe me, it wouldn’t stop people, it would just hurt business.

    • I think it is a good idea to ban soda from schools. Little kids are too young to make healthy decisions about nutrients for themselves.

      Hmm- carded for food? The possibilities for that are endless – LOL!

  2. The intention is good, but it does overstep the boundaries government has in society. It is amazing how cheap soda is these days and how easily people drink it down. Something should be done, but I am not sure if that is the right route. Maybe more labeling or disclosure of how much sugar is in a beverage would be more prudent, much like the laws governing menus and caloric content.

  3. This is a hard decision for me. On one hand I agree that ridiculously large containers of soda are horrible for someones health but I also think that people should be allowed to choose what they put in there bodys.

  4. In Ontario smoking is prohibited pretty much everywhere – I am an ex- smoker and I have to say the ban definitely helped. There is no smoking in restraints, bars or public places, throwing your butts is prohibited and there is no smoking in 12 metres of any public entry anywhere!!
    It works.

    The sugar thing I think is a great concept and definitely should be adopted by companies and schools. The Toronto government offices removed all pop vending machines to set an example but ultimately it’s you’re body and you can kill it as quickly as you like.

    • I agree that soda should be banned in schools. I’m glad the cigarette ban worked! I think the problem with the NYC law was it was inconsistently applied and had too many loopholes.

  5. Good laws are only those that can effectively be policed, so whilst I’m sure it is well intended, if you put aside the rights of people to decide for themselves, how would they effectively police it, and would that be a waste of resources anyway?

    • They said they were going to charge a $200 fee to restaurants not following the ban starting in June, but I personally think police should focus on crime and not obesity.

  6. To be honest, dumb. You can’t ban soda. It’s just not going to happen. Not to mention, I can think of a list of more important things that draw more attention to a ban request before soda.

  7. Bloomberg is a caring mayor, and means well; however, people should be able to make their own decisions, and deal with the consequences. I hate when I hear of someone suing MCDonalds because they are fat, as if someone tied him/her to a chair and force fed the hamburgers. It is all about personal responsibility. Now, I heard about the Mayor suggesting something about the loud MP3’s plugged to the ears, and he is going to try to do something about it. And we should hear more coming, that is for sure. Better to hear from someone who seems to care about public health, than a non caring official – even when it seems a bit pushy and overstepping the boundaries. It won’t fly with New Yorkers soda lovers, they’ll buy 2 small sodas instead of a large one.

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