My Daughter Narked Me Out!

Rylee & Henry at McDonald's

Rylee & Henry at McDonald’s

Last week I went on a pub run – five miles and four pubs.

My trainer, Mel, had sent me a text earlier wishing me luck and then asking me how it went.  It felt good to tell her that I only drank 1/2 a beer and 1 mimosa.

But then….

After the run we had 30 minutes to get to church and no one had eaten.  I planned on a change of clothes and grooming items, but not healthy food.

No one will ever know!

So we paid a visit to our old fast food chain friend, McDonald’s.

I ordered a 10 piece Chicken McNugget meal with Diet Coke, which I split with my husband.

Before I even took one bite my daughter, Rylee, said, “Mommy, didn’t your coach say you couldn’t eat McDonald’s?”

“Uh…well…”  Busted by my five-year-old!  Doh!

“Aren’t french fries junk food?  Will your coach be mad at you?”

“Well, she knows I did a pub run today…”  Why am I trying to justify a McDonald’s coverup to my child?

“And that’s soda.  You said soda was bad.  Why are you drinking it then?”

My husband enjoyed watching me squirm in my seat.  I was trying to think of a semi-rational thing to say but just decided to fess up.  “Oh, you’re right.  I should not be eating this.  Next time I’ll plan better.”

I sent a text to Mel.  “I’m pretty sure McDonald’s is not on my meal plan…I’ll do cardio penance tomorrow.”

“If only it were that easy, LOL!”

When I went to my next training session I told her about what Rylee said and she laughed.  “You know I pay your kids to nark you out, right?”

Anyway, I’ve been pretty good with my diet the rest of the week.  A few sneaked handfuls of popcorn, but no more McDonald’s or soda.  Today I stumbled across this pic on two of my friends’ FB page and thought it was applicable:Fries to Burpees

So, when you go out this weekend just remember:  Stay away from the fries…or at least don’t eat them in front of my daughter!  😉

What’s your favorite junk food?

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16 responses to “My Daughter Narked Me Out!

  1. I love fries, but never from a fast food place. They must be good ones, like pub style to be worth the calories. I rarely eat them. I also LOVE potato chips, so I NEVER buy them. I ate some around Christmas because they were there at someone else’s house.

    Popcorn is a whole grain…I don’t consider it junk food….just extra. I cook it on the stove with coconut oil for our movie nights. (The microwave stuff is junk.) I usually cut out the grain from our dinner on those nights and sub in the popcorn feast for dessert. 🙂

    • I love potato chips too. My husband makes the best garlic dip to go with them. I have to ban it from my house. (The chips, not my husband.) I like the idea about cutting carbs from dinner to include popcorn as a dessert. Will have to keep that in mind!

  2. Hilarious! Children are so dang truthful. We might have something here though. Children say what is on their mind and are not scared of what you think. Great affordable way to employ free diet police! lol

  3. Ha! Your daughter is fabulous to call it like she she’s it. Makes us all realize how important our actions, not just our words, really are to our children. Loved this fun post!

  4. Pizza. Hands down. And ice cream. I planned really badly yesterday and had both. I felt fine after the ice cream; it was an Ikea cone (not exactly huge. I ended up with pizza for dinner. It was really late (11pm) and I was starving. It tasted awful, and I felt awful after. I hope I remember how I felt last night the next time I want to eat something not so great.

  5. Oh jeez. I guess I have this to look forward to as my kiddo gets older too! At least you didn’t get the 20 piece nuggets to eat yourself, along with a tub of fries and a bucket of soda. So there is that!

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