Quick! Cover Your Downward Facing Dog!

yoga pantsLululemon, the store that sells those fabulous yoga pants for $98 each, just rocked the yoga world to the core yesterday.

It announced a recall of one of  it’s most popular pants (black Luon bottoms) because there was an…um…wardrobe malfunction…and 1 out of every 6 pants is semi-transparent.

As if doing happy baby pose in a public park isn’t stressful enough!  Now you have to cover your assets too!  Wall Street reacted swiftly with a 5% share sell off.  That might have more to do with retail competition than exposing clients’ sheer awesomeness.



Now that Lululemon established that selling premium athletic clothes is profitable GAP and Victoria’s Secret are coming out with their own, more affordable lines.

Do you wear high-end clothes when you workout?


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19 responses to “Quick! Cover Your Downward Facing Dog!

  1. No, I do not wear high end workout wear. I want something that looks good and feels good, that doesn’t require spending a fortune. The few expensive items I have purchased were a disappointment, so don’t see a point. I’d rather have several great outfits that I can have fun in, than a couple that I’m afraid of messing up. 🙂

    • Most of my clothes are from Walmart, but now that I’m going to be a personal trainer I can justify getting some trendier digs. I just bought 5 shirts from the Reebok clearance aisle and I’m going to put my blogsite on them. I think it’s important to wear attractive clothes that don’t break the bank.

  2. This is more like oh-la-la Lemon. I have one LuLu workout top, and the quality is amazing. After many wears and washes, it still is holding up great. I usually spend anywhere from $ 20-30 on workout pants.

    • My trainer, Mel, gave me some of her Lululemon clothes she wasn’t wearing anymore and I LOVE THEM! They definitely shape your body, but are really expensive. But I just bought a lottery ticket, so I’m sure it will all work out 😉

  3. I love, love, love my lulu workout stuff so much! And looks good and really holds up through wash after wash. When I feel like I look good working out I feel more determined. I know, silly. I use them as rewards for meeting my workout/weightloss goals.

  4. I still wear Bally’s yoga capris I bought at Sam’s Club years ago. However, I bought 2 tanks by Under Armour that I absolutely love! I’ve been looking into Lululemon to upgrade my pants. On a side note, who did you go through to get your trainer certification? I’m getting ready to take that leap myself.

  5. After years and years of wearing Target leggings I finally broke down and bought a pair of lululemon pants (not the transparent pair!) for yoga, and you know what? They’re pretty fantastic! Now I know what the hype is about. They truly make me look great which makes me feel even better.

  6. I thought that I needed high end gear to be cool, but stuff from Old Navy, Target and even *gasp* non popular brands from sporting goods stores does the trick just as well. You can also typically get Nike, Adidas, lucy, etc. at discount stores such as Marshalls or TJ Maxx. HOWEVER, the same cannot be said for a superior sports bra and quality running shoes. Unfortunately I still have to shell out a ton of dough on those items.

  7. I second marshalls for workout clothes. I don’t like paying more than $10-$15 for shirts or pants… I’m cheep. 😛

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