Bikini Shopping

3 Months and 1 Day until the Adela!  Yikes!  The competition is just around the corner!!  Good.  Now I have a real reason to follow my meal plan.  This will be my first time doing the figure division, so I’m a little nervous.  But considering my stellar stats of coming in like last place and then 11th place, I pretty much can only go up from there, right?  (Not everyone can have a Cinderella story.)

***If you are my husband, please don’t read this line***  The bikinis are different for the figure division, so that means I will need to go shopping again for a new posing suit.  Here are examples of bikini suits versus figure suits:

The bikini posing suit exposes A LOT of your glutes, so if you’re bashful, pick a different division.  The top part of the bikini ties directly in back and the side straps of the bikini bottom rest directly on your hip bones.

Figure posing suits cover your backside a teeny, tiny bit more and the straps are crisscrossed in the back so your top is attached to your bottom, I’m guessing to make sure that nothing pops out while you are doing your poses.

Marty Hames USAs

Marty Hames USAs

The side straps of the bottom rests high above the hip bones, accentuating the abs and elongating the look of the legs.  And, of course, the five inch hooker heels are worn with both suits. 😉

Are you training for anything right now?  5k, bikini competition, mud run?

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5 responses to “Bikini Shopping

  1. Training like mad for several 5ks and that mud run in September… Weight is falling off, but still am fifty pounds from September’s goal. Will be busting my butt in the mean time, but still guarantee I won’t look as great as you, nor showing off as much. 😉 You are such an inspiration!

    • Congrats for all the runs you are training for! Here’s what I think: 1) Of course you will look great! 2) The funny thing about losing 50 lbs is you’re going to want to show off your body. Maybe not as much as me, (I’m vain – I own it,) but you’ll want to rock the tank tops and cute yoga pants. 😉

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