Bachelorette Party

bachelorette partyLast night I went out with my bodybuilding team to a bachelorette party and it was so much fun!  Everyone drank cocktails, wore sexy dresses and laughed a lot.   I’d share the details with you but I’m not going to.

But I will share this:  Pretty much all the women ordered salads.  Garden salads, asparagus spears, lots of greens on their plates.  They demonstrated self-discipline, control, willpower.

My table?

We ordered tater tots, mac n’ cheese and LOTS of wine.  All I have to say is…rock on my table!  Rock on!

And, um…now I’m going to do some cardio penance and run the 7 mile trail near my house.  And let me tell you – it was worth every mile.  Those tater tots were the bomb!!!

Get ready for cardio penance

Get ready for cardio penance

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5 responses to “Bachelorette Party

  1. I totally needed to read this today since I feel that having junk should be ok sometimes and in moderation. Not every day, but once in a while is what I try to go by!

    • My current trainer, Mel, is all about moderation. My first trainer, Daniel, was a total hardass and would have been mad at me for eating crap and drinking alcohol. But I’m in a different place now too. I’ve maintained my weight loss for a year now and call myself out when I get too crazy with the cheat meals. I guess if this is going to be my lifestyle I need to plan for social things too, right 😉

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