Triathlon Checklist

Claudia Spooner

Claudia Spooner

Do you know what separates the novices from the pros at triathlons?  Transition speed.  Saturday the Toros held a free clinic open to all kids about preparing for the upcoming Splash-N-Dash and TorosTri.  The tips are great for adults too!

Claudia Spooner, a multi-sport coach and athlete who is currently training for both the KONA Ironman World Championship and Team USA in London, led the transition clinic.  Here are some of her tips:

10 Transition Tips for Triathlons by

Race day is mobbed with competitors, friends and family, and can be overwhelming.  How do you find your sneakers, helmet, etc. quickly surrounded by so many other people’s items?  Get a colored mat or towel to place your items so you can find your things, get dressed and go!  Here’s the checklist for what you want to bring to the race.

  1. Transition Mat or Towel

    Transition Mat and Race Items

    Transition Mat and Race Items

  2. Goggles
  3. Swim Cap
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Permanent Marker (to write your number in case it comes off during the event)
  6. Shoes (it’s tough to run barefoot)
  7. Helmet
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Water bottle
  10. Race belt with number attached. (You can get the belt at running stores like Rogue Running.  Belts are good so you don’t have to deal with safety pins that might come undone.)

Other tips?  Hold up your hands as you cross the finish line so no one photo-bombs your picture 😉  She had all the kids line up their transition mats and shoes, run from the pool, put on their shoes and run 50 meters.  Guess what?  The kids transitioned in 30 seconds flat.  Then it was off to the swim clinic.

Swim Clinic

Swim Clinic

Swim coach, Mark Stohrer, Head Coach for the Toros, led the swim clinic.  A Texas swim coach for over 24 years, he has often been named District Coach of the Year, is a 4 time Region IV Coach of the Year, and a two time State Coach of the Year.

Mark Stohrer with Junior Athletes

Mark Stohrer with Junior Athletes

He has coached numerous athletic and academic All-Americans and he competed in the 1984 Olympic trials.

After dividing the group of about 50 kids into Seniors (10 and up,) Juniors (7-9 years,) and Rookies (5-6 years,) he went through the race day maps and taught the kids how to space out their swim in the pool.

The coaches and Laura Roach, who is coordinating both the Splash-n-Dash and TorosTri, were great with the children.  They want all participants to have fun and get excited about being active kids.

Rookies are allowed to use kick boards and for the triathlon can have training wheels on their bikes.  All kids will get a medal for participating.

Laura Roach and Toros Bull with Rookies

Laura Roach and Toros Bull with Rookies

Open Symmetry will be donating cash prizes to the top triathlon teams in the Junior and Senior Divisions for both girls and boys.  The winning team will be able to identify either a charity of their choice or they can give it to their school booster club to use to help their athletic programs.  It’s all about giving back to the community.

These events sell out quickly because they are so much fun and the kids get hooked on them.  We have open online registration right now on our website  The cost is $30 for the Splash-N-Dash and $45 for the Toros Tri.  You can get $5 off registration by entering sheslosingitnet5off.  Not only will you get $5 off the Splash-n-Dash, you’ll receive a $10 off code with your registration to use for the TorosTri.

Did you ever do a triathlon before?

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