Baseball Butts

I watch baseball never, but the other week we took our kids to a local game with our friends and their kids.  When you’re watching the game (instead of eating hot dogs, pretzels and beer) you can’t help but notice:  Baseball players have great butts.

Prior to bodybuilding I just thought the baseball bubble butt thing was genetic, like the way linebackers resemble brick walls instead of humans, but it has nothing to do with genetics at all.  It’s all about the squats.

Every time a new player comes to bat the outfielders get in a half squat position and hold it until the ball comes their way, then they push off the ground and start running.  Even the pitcher and batters are squatting.

Considering a round derriere is a bonus in the competitive female bodybuilding figure world too,  this baseball epiphany made me do a little research.  I went onto a forum at where someone had asked about this same thing (but in a more macho manner) and someone named DatDereVert wrote, “Baseball is a sport where the drive created from your glutes/hips is a huge factor in hitting, pitching, and throwing. They do squats and drills to get dat ass to provide torque for hitting and pitching.”  Hmm.  Interesting.

Considering I’ve been doing my own booty lift project for about a year now, I began thinking, ‘What exercises can I do to get dat ass rounded?’  Here’s what I found:

  1. Front squatssquats t-shirt
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Glute Bridges
  4. Glute Ham Raises
  5. Unilateral Leg Exercises (to overcome muscle imbalances, i.e. when one side is stronger than the other) including lunges, split squats and step ups

If you would like to see video clips for how to do these exercises click here:  5 Awesome Lower Body Exercises for Baseball Players.

So whether you are a baseball player or want to rock that bikini, hope these tips helped!

Do you have a favorite glute move?

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10 responses to “Baseball Butts

  1. I worked with my college’s baseball team for 2 years. I’d have to say the butts were an amazing perk. Man I miss my saturdays spent sitting in the duggout.

  2. It’s no surprise that many of my baseball friends love Jason Varitek’s assets. 😉 (He’s a just recently retired catcher- and let me tell you his warm up routine in the bullpen caused women to gather, watch, and swoon. I hope in his role as special assistant to the GM, he still has to get in his squats daily. 🙂

  3. Baseball players have great butts? Come on now — according to my wife you need to be watching Pro Cycling (and I used to think she just wanted to share time with me as I watched the Tour de France — now I know she had different motives). And from my viewpoint, regardless of how many squats a woman can do in the gym, nothing with give her great glutes like long bike rides!

  4. Squat is number one for me, the best overall exercise and great for glutes (Butts!). Butt, but I find that whenever I up my deadlifting and I have recently my butt tones a lot, well Janet said it has 😉

    • My trainer has me doing tons of squats and deadlifts too. It’s about three months until the show – hope it works! My husband will have a comment about it, I’m sure 😉

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