Spring Clean Your Cardio Routine

Little Henry - badass on a bike

Little Henry – badass on a bike

My house is a catastrophe right now.  It looks like someone sneezed papers and mismatched socks everywhere.  And just when the kids got back to school from Spring Break they have another holiday!  I swear public schools and banks are off more than they are on.  My goal is to find the furniture under the mess so my house will look like a Martha Stewart home in all of our Easter photos.  Wish me luck with that.

As long as we’re talking about spring cleaning, this is a good time to switch up your cardio.  Gyms are great for the winter but once the weather gets nice, why not try the great outdoors?  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Run.  Running is great because it requires nothing but a good pair of sneakers.  If you would like tips on how to run faster, check this out:  5 Tips to Run Faster

2.  Bike.  You need more equipment for this, obviously, but it’s more fun to ride outside than on a stationary bike.  Plus, I’ve been told that cycling gives you a great butt.  Just sayin’.   If you are wondering which helmet is best or where to find the proper shoes, check out this website:  AllSeasonCyclist.com



3.  SAQ Training.  SAQ stands for Speed, Agility, and Quickness and it’s a type of interval training that is pretty fun and good for various populations.  Athletes do these drills to become better at their chosen sport, non-athletes can do them for weight loss and there are even SAQ drills for seniors that help increase bone density, coordination and muscular power.   Here is a Box Drill from my National Academy of Sports Medicine text book. (See – I’m multi-tasking by blogging and studying for my CPT exam at the same time!)

  • Set up four cones in a square ten yards apart from each other.
  • Sprint from cone 1 to cone 2
  • Side Shuffle from cone 2 to cone 3
  • Backpedal (run backwards) from cone 3 to cone 4
  • Sprint from cone 4 back to cone 1

What are your favorite outdoor exercises?

Lisa ;)

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2 responses to “Spring Clean Your Cardio Routine

  1. I wish it felt like spring in Glasgow! It’s freezing here! Last year it was tropical; this year it’s the coldest March in 50 years. I want to get outside!

    I hope the weather is perfect for your Easter! 🙂

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