April Goals



Normally I write 3-5 goals per month, sort of focus on one and pull the rest together at the end of the month.  There is almost always one goal that gets completely lost, never to be heard from again.  Instead of doing 3-5 goals, what would happen if I listed some insane number of things to accomplish?  Would this:

  • a) Make me crazy?
  • b) Make me more productive?
  • c) Make me crazy AND more productive?
  • d) Make me crazy and LESS productive?

Hmm.  Let’s Find Out

April’s Seriously Way Too Long List of Goals That Will Never Possibly Get Done But We’re Trying It Out Anyway Goals

  1. Stick to my meal plan
  2. Read 7 books
  3. Force my husband to start exercising again.
  4. Print snarky T-shirts for the blog.  Wear them.  Prove that guerrilla marketing works.
  5. Do one (1) un-assisted chin up (this is a throw-back to my December uncompleted goals)



  6. Now that I’m a personal trainer – Get some clients.  Save the world from trans fatty acids.
  7. Start the Rosetta Stone Spanish DVDs.  Become fluent enough that I can start a bar fight with a local while vacationing in Cabo.
  8. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! /Find an editor for my memoir
  9.  Start cooking dinner for my family every night again.  (I fell off the cooking bandwagon.)
  10. Go back to my 5 a.m. workout schedule at 24 Hour Fitness.  I miss my friends
  11. Did I mention I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador now?  I need to post the button on my blog.
  12. Clear out the playroom/all closets.  Make millions at the corresponding garage sale.
  13. Interview people at the Texas Shredder
  14. Figure out what the Twitter “Follow Friday means” and participate each Friday
  15. missirosesviews.com


    Make my own You Tube channel, or whatever it is you’re supposed to do with You Tube beyond watching cat videos.

  16. Get 1,000 “likes” on FB.  (I’m at 693 right now.)
  17. I’ve been nominated for 3-4 more blogger awards.  I need to write the corresponding posts.
  18. Get some more sponsors
  19. Pole dancing classes again?  Way fun but time consuming and an added expense
  20. Practice figure poses
  21. Cheer on my daughter at Splash-n-Dash
  22. Write MS post for Deirdre
  23. Find baseball little league for little man



  24. Organize business office
  25. Purge office files
  26. Make Shutterfly books.  My daughter has like 8 full blown 8 x 11 books for each holiday.  My son was born and celebrated Christmas once, but that’s it for his photo documentation.
  27. Use up at least 3 more bottles of moisturizer.  (I’m a hoarder.)
  28. Make my meals in advance every Sunday.
  29. No TV all month!  (With this many goals who has time for TV?)
  30. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night…starting tomorrow.

Do you have any goals for April?

Lisa ;)

Sheslosingit.net (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

7 responses to “April Goals

  1. Wow! You have so many things you want to do. I should make a list like that as well.

    Since this month is really busy for me I am sticking to 3 goals and I do have other things in my mind I’d like to achieve- like getting more than 13 likes on Facebook! 🙂

  2. Holy! You’ve inspired me to be more organized, lol. I’m all about goal setting. I thought I was a busy bee! How do you find time to squeeze in all your goals? I need to get better at this.

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