On Writing



I want to become a better writer.  To that end I’m currently reading On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King.  The book starts with scattered yet vivid images from his childhood, funny and terrifying, drawing the reader into his world.  He teaches through stories and offers the most basic of commandments for all writers:  You must Read.  You must Write.

My blog is about fitness.  Diet, exercise, bodybuilding, stuff about my family.  But this month I want to play a little.  I want to do some creative writing and explore different things.  I promise most of my posts will continue to be the usual content you are used to seeing, but this month I might throw in a story or two about dragons or a Highlander romance; stories from my past, and genres I know nothing about.

I’ve created a new category – “Creative Writing” – for those posts.  I’d hate for you to be expecting a recipe about gluten-free pizza and instead find yourself reading an erotica à la Fifty Shades of Gray. (Don’t worry – I’ll stop the story just before the “good stuff” – this is still a PG-13 blog.)

As always, feel free to comment and offer suggestions or ask me to clarify something.  The only way for me to get better is to practice and listen to feedback.

Thanks for indulging me this month!

Do you ever do creative writing?  

Lisa ;)

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16 responses to “On Writing

  1. I’m an anchor writer for three magazines. My articles fall in the creative non-fiction genre as they typically address personal transformation, spiritual awareness, and health and wellness.

  2. No! Don’t stop at the good part!

    I used to enjoy creative writing, but my dreams of becoming a NY Times bestseller were dashed by my college freshman writing professor. Apparently it was really easy for him to tell I was a science major since all of my papers read like scientific journal articles. I guess he didn’t share my love of beta oxidation.

  3. I was told once I should be an English major… but I didn’t like trying to “make” time to write. I preferred spending my free time running! But the best writing course I took was a semester of 1.5-page essays. It was a pain, butt I learned how to effectively communicate my points without excessive language.

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