Best 5 Minutes Ever

Slowly the ladies on my bodybuilding team are discovering that I blog.  Although I never hid it, I wasn’t actively wearing a T-shirt either.

At booty camp one of my teammates said, “I love your blog!  It’s the best five minutes of my day.”

“I just told my husband the same thing,”  I did not say aloud. 😉

Anyway, in the coming weeks some of the girls said I could interview them, so you’ll be hearing more about them as we all progress towards our competitions.  (I think six or eight of us are in show prep right now.)

Do you workout alone or on a team?

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6 responses to “Best 5 Minutes Ever

  1. I workout at the gym alone but sourrounded by my squad of lifters who all think its cool I lift big weights! I love hearing the “love the blog” comments I also like hearing “so you really went from a size 14 to this?, How?” Sooo fun!

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