#FF and Twitterspeak



My first attempt with Twitter earlier this year did not work out.  Apparently I was a Twitter Troll.  I tried to cut and paste my New Year’s Resolutions tweet on to other people’s tweets and Twitter suspended my account because they thought I was spam.  Not to brag, but how many people get kicked off Twitter on the first day?

Twitter then made me click a box that made me promise I would not be annoying…<<insert smart ass comment here>  Needless to say I went back to blogging and I didn’t follow anyone after that.  Until today!

Today is “follow Friday” which is a time honored “tradition”  (I have shoes older than Twitter) where you are supposed to write #ff and then list five twitter accounts you follow.  This are ones about health and fitness that I actually do follow.

Here goes nothing:

Now, if you are 14 years old or younger you can skip this next part, but if you are older than that, read on:

Twitter Speak

  • @reply = A direct tweet sent to another Twitter user
  • Hashtag = The “#” sign.  Grouping of tweets by topic, making it easier to search for particular conversations.
  • Tweeter/Twitterer = Someone who uses Twitter.
  • Mistweet = A tweet one later regrets.
  • AFAIK = As far as I know



  • b/c = Because
  • BFN = Bye for now
  • BR = Best regards
  • BT = By the way
  • DM = Direct message
  • FTF = Face to face
  • FWD = Forward
  • FWIW = For what it’s worth
  • Gr8 = Great
  • HTH = Hope that helps
  • IMO = In my opinion
  • IRL = In real life
  • J/K = Just kidding
  • LMK = Let me know
  • NP = No problem
  • OH = Overheard
  • OMG = Oh my God
  • PLZ = Please
  • RT = Retweet
  • RTHX = Thanks for the retweet
  • TMB = Tweet me back
  • TTYL = Talk to you later
  • TY = Thank you
  • YW = You’re welcome

HTH and if it does PLZ RT.  TY!

Lisa ;)

Sheslosingit.net (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.


9 responses to “#FF and Twitterspeak

  1. That takes skill! I’ve been on there since nearly the beginning and never got thrown out. Wish I’d known you then, I’d have warned you that they frown on such things. It takes time, but is a great way to connect with people.

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