New Hairdo

Got a new ‘do.  I went all Taylor Swift.

Lisa with Bangs

Lisa with Bangs

If you are in the Round Rock/Pflugerville area and want a new do check out Karelin Guinn at Courtyard Salons  (512) 803-1639.  She’s been helping me bust out of my hair ruts.  She took me from Lady Gaga to brunette over Christmas.  Now we’re going with Taylor Swift. Hmm.  Which pop singer favorite will I try next?  Pink?

When you get your hair done do you try new looks or stick with the tried and true?

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18 responses to “New Hairdo

  1. You look great in bangs! Seeing as how a serum is doing nothing to diminish the wrinkles and creases on my forehead, I may have to try bangs too to cover them up.

  2. Looks great. I love the chic bangs. That is what I wish I could do, cut bangs. But with curly hair bangs are a no-no. FYI…I think Pink has a Mohawk now. Lol.

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