Rylee’s 1st Race!

Tomorrow morning is Rylee’s first race.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I ran a marathon when I was two weeks pregnant with her apparently, so I guess technically she already crossed one finish line, but I digress.

This afternoon she picked up her race packet at Rogue Running.  She’s still just a teensy bit nervous about swimming.  I believe her precise question to me before tucking her in was, “Mommy, if I sink to the bottom of the pool and they have to take me to the hospital will I still get a medal?”  Oh, sweetie!

Rylee's first race T-shirt

Rylee’s first race T-shirt

Other than that whole fear of drowning thing she was pretty excited.  Here are the girls handing out race packets at Rogue Running.

Packet pick up at Rogue Running

Packet pick up at Rogue Running

And I was a little excited too.  Why? (Beyond excitement for my kid?)  Check out the back of the T-shirt…

She's Losing It - 1st T-shirt!

She’s Losing It – 1st T-shirt!

Pretty cool, huh?  Well, I better get to bed.  Tomorrow is the big day and we need to get there early.

If you are in the Austin area and wanted to check out the Splash-n-Dash, here is the link to their website:  www.torostri.com.  Also, they will be having a kids triathlon in June and hope to have another transition clinic prior to the event.

Were your kids ever afraid of swimming?  How did they get over it?

Lisa ;)

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5 responses to “Rylee’s 1st Race!

  1. Big day for you and your daughter. Pretty awesome that you have inspired your family to be active and healthy right along with you. Have fun today!

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