Spice up your Chicken

Chicken.  You can’t escape it.  And it gets old.  If you are a normal person you can flavor it with things like cream sauces and seasonings.  If you are a clean eater you can use things like olive oil and white cooking wine.  If you are diabetic you can add a dash of natural sea salt.  Also, you can eat bread.

If you are a bodybuilder you can look at your plain chicken and sigh.  *Sigh*

Food prep

But I won’t let boring chicken get me down!  I decided to use different herb and spice combos to give my taste buds some variety and then pretend I’m eating the real recipe.

Food prep - spices

Here are the combos I used:

  • Lime juice and pepper
  • Sesame seed and ground ginger
  • Paprika, thyme and pepper
  • Parsley and ground sage

Are you a cleaning eating/diabetic/bodybuilder type?  How do you make your chicken taste better?

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Lisa ;)

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17 responses to “Spice up your Chicken

  1. Lemon, oil and garlic.
    Sage, oil and garlic.
    I like to roast boneless chicken thighs in the oven marinated in spices, oil etc. It works well with breasts, also.
    You can go towards a more oriental spicing–ginger is a must–and make a stir fry with chicken and a ton of veggies. Maybe brown rice? If you have a healthy-ish sauce, it can be even tastier.

  2. THanks for the suggestions. I am somewhere between “clean” and “body builder”….and my husband is French (and naturally skinny like most europeans) so I can’t let him do the cooking, otherwise it’s like (after I’ve eaten) well, I just added some cream to it, or he’ll say I saw your chicken cooking and it looked a little dry so I drenched it in olive oil and butter….Gaah!

  3. I just made chicken! With fresh rosemary and garlic and of course salt and pepper! It was yummy and the house smells so good, now! I seriously love me some chicken.

  4. Great blog! I know your pain of getting bored with chicken. Great spice combos I love are:
    -Cajun seasoning (Emril makes a great one)
    -Adobo pepper sauce (buy the adobo peppers canned with sauce), which is EXCELLENT with butternut squash as well,
    -and my recent favorite Tandoori chicken. You can substitute greek yogurt in the marinade to make it healthier. Delicious, and still low-cal/low-fat!!

    Good luck!

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