Cussing with Mama T

Mama T and her husband JD

Mama T and her husband

Last week I trained with Mama T.  Her real name is Tiffany, but I only discovered that about a month ago.  Why does everyone call her Mama T?  Mel explained as we did walking lunges.

“Tiffany had just joined the team (Mel’s Machines) and barely knew anyone.  Nicole and I flew to Florida, I think, to do a national competition, when this package arrived at our hotel room.  It was filled with the best chocolates ever and Nicole said, ‘Who is that from?’ and I said, ‘Tiffany, the new girl,’ and Nicole was like, ‘Who is this girl?  Mother Teresa!?!’  From that point on everyone just started calling her Mama T.”

Everyone loves it when Mama T comes to bootycamp; not because she’s awesome (which she is,) but because sunshine always follows her.  For real.  Bootycamp with Mama T?  Sunny and warm.  Bootycamp sans Mama T?  30 degrees below zero and Metroflex Gym has no heat.  I am a believer in the Mama T sun dial.

Mel's Machines (last year's team)

Mel’s Machines (last year’s team)

Anyway, we were doing drop-set rows.  (Bodybuilding vocabulary:  A drop-set is a strength training technique that allows a person to continue more repetitions than they could normally complete on their own.  Drop-sets start with a heavy weight and you lift until you can’t lift anymore (aka “failure”.)  Then you drop the weight load 5-20% and continue with the set until failure again.  You repeat this several times.)

My start point (the heaviest weight) was her end point (her lightest weight,) which clearly demonstrates that Mama T is a badass mathafucka.  And speaking of cursing, the song, “Still in this Bitch” was blaring in the background as dumbbells dropped around us from other bodybuilders.

“Thank God, this song is on,” I said.  “Listening to someone curse helps me lift weights.”

“What’s that?” asked Mama T.  She was focusing on lifting.

“Sometimes a Mommy just needs her gangsta rap,” Mel said quoting one of my blog entries.  (You can read it here:  5 Favorite Workout Songs & Why)

“Well, I can’t curse at home, I have little people there.”

Mama T laughs.  She has a four-year-old son.  “And they’re always up on you too.  ‘Mommy!  Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

“Especially when you’re trying to use the bathroom,” I chime in.

“I know!”

“It’s like I can be next to them the whole day and they don’t even care, but the minute I need that bathroom, they’re banging at door, trying to get in.”

“Mommy!  Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

“And you can’t say, ‘Bitch get away from the door!  I don’t want no damned toilet buddy!”

“No, you have to say, (three octaves higher)  ‘Ok, sweetie, mommy’s making a pee-pee now and needs some alone time, so could you please step away from the door?'”

And now all three of us are giggling so hard someone looks quizzically at us and Mel says,  “Lisa’s turrets is coming out again.”


What about you? Does rap music/cursing help you lift heavier weights?   Also, if you like my posts, can you please “like” my Facebook page, ShesLosingItnet?  Thanks!!  (Psst:  You can still “like” my FB page even if you don’t like my posts.  I won’t tell anyone.)

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9 responses to “Cussing with Mama T

  1. Awesome post! Mama T sounds like a sassy ray of sunshine! Love the group photo – talk about inspiration overload! And by the way and thank you for defining drop sets. I know when I did Bodyforlife we did one “drop set” at the end of each set. I did not know that was what it was called though. Good to know. I am not a mama yet, but my dear friends that have kids complain about the bathroom privacy as well. Too funny!

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