3 Leg Day Workouts

Today is leg day.  Let me start by saying a preemptive ouch and I haven’t even worked out yet.  You know you are doing the exercises right if you can’t get off the toilet the next day without assistance.

Leg Day bro

Mel loves to kill us at bootycamp.  She doesn’t even use weights.  She sucks you in thinking everything is easy but by the time you go home you are reduced to this:

After Squats

I once made the mistake of dissing my first bodybuilding trainer, Daniel, before a leg workout.  Ask me if I ever did that again.  (No.)

On the plus side the whole little experience ended up in the Dumb S*** I Said to my Trainer section of my blog.  You can read about my pain here:  DSST:  You Look Kinda Fat, Daniel.

Every trainer is different, obviously, and has different philosophies about building muscle.  Mel goes light with more reps.  My niece’s husband, Duda, is preparing for his pro competition and trained me once over the summer.  Not to brag, but I almost threw up.  This is what Duda looks like:

Duda Bueno

Duda Bueno

His workout is killer and it always gets a lot of hits so I thought I’d post it again today.  Here it is:  Duda Bueno’s Leg Workout.

And here are two glutes workouts from IFBB pro Jaimie Baird I used over the summer as well:  Booty Beautiful #3, Booty Beautiful #1.

Hope you enjoy and if you can’t get off the toilet tomorrow, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!  If you like posts like these can you please “like” my FB page?  Thanks!! http://www.facebook.com/ShesLosingItnet

What’s your favorite leg/glutes exercise?

Lisa ;)

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11 responses to “3 Leg Day Workouts

  1. Ummmm ow.

    I still like the leg press because I feel so bad ass when I can press more than my body weight,

  2. This cracked me up! And its so true! I am going to get a personal trainer in a few months. I would love to be pushed to do things that I am not comfortable doing. Your trainer Duda, quit frankly scares me right now! I would not go to him until I am in good shape already (which you are so it makes sense) You go girl!

    • Good for you for getting a trainer. It helped me so much.
      Duda is CRAZY big! He’s actually my niece’s husband and lives in San Diego, so I only did one session with him this August. But it sure left an impression on me!

  3. Still working on loving leg day but I’m not there yet. I guess it’s because I am progressing so s l o w l y. When I can squat my body weight next decade I’ll let you know 🙂

  4. Leg day was 2 days ago and I am STILL feeling it. and supposed to do another one tomorrow. Aaaaah. I feel like I’m getting the best workout from barbell squats and lunges right now. Problem is if I do them first I have no energy left for the rest of the workout 😛

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