Behind the Scenes at Texas Shredder

Behind every great man is an outstanding woman.  Diana Hurley runs the Texas Shredder with Dave Goodin.  You think the competitors are tired from carb cutting, try promoting a show on three hours of sleep all week!  Not only is Diana a fit mama and bodybuilder, she is also a cancer survivor and her story will inspire you.  Be on the look out for my interview with her after the show.

Diana Hurley and Lisa Traugott

Diana Hurley and Lisa Traugott

Don Robinson’s official title is “Event Director”, but perhaps the most appropriate title for him tonight was “Gate Keeper.”  Why?  Well with over 300 contestants they ran out of space for the Athletes’ Meeting and he made trainers and significant others alike wait outside.

Don Robinson - Gate Keeper

Don Robinson – Gate Keeper

Another gate keeper of sorts?  Drug testing.  The Shredder is a Natural Bodybuilding show, which means all participants are tested to ensure steroids are not used.  NO JUICE FOR YOU!

No Juice For You!

No Juice For You!

This is what it looked like inside the Athletes’ Meeting.  In a word:  mobbed.  The men were lining up to be weighed in.  Weigh-in can be particularly stressful for the guys because the difference of 1/4 pound can mean having to compete against middle-weight dudes (weighing up to 176.25 lbs.) versus the light-weights (starting at 143.25 lbs.)

Nah, bro, I'm 154 1/4 not 154 1/2!

Bro! I’m 154.25 lbs. not 154 1/2 lbs!

And the women had their height and bikinis checked.  Thongs need not apply.

Bikini Check

Bikini Check

Meet your Co-MC Ryan Wendt along with Brandi Wendt.  They are here from Metroflex Houston.  (They also have some pretty funny stories.  Will have to track them down tomorrow…)

Ryan and Brandi Wendt

Ryan and Brandi Wendt

Strike a pose!  It’s James Allen and he’s snapping shots for Muscular Development Magazine.  I’ll be interviewing him for a later post about tricks to make yourself picture perfect during a photo shoot.  (You’ve worked hard for your hard body – preserve it on film!)

James Allen

James Allen

Bikini Bite anyone?  Check in with Emily and Richard Melberg at the Maximum Nutrition Center.

Emily Melberg - Maximum Nutrition Center

Emily Melberg – Maximum Nutrition Center

Trainers Jonathan Jaquay and Natasha Reyes caught being silly.

Jonathan Jaquay and Natasha Reyes

Jonathan Jaquay and Natasha Reyes

Want great abs?  Try Muscle Egg.  It’s written on the guy’s shirt, but you’ll have to trust me on this one.

Brandon Odom - Muscle Egg

Brandon Odom – Muscle Egg

Who says bodybuilding isn’t a group sport?  Check out Laren Wells’ bathrobe from Team Fit.

Team Fit

Team Fit

Who Are Ya?  Well, it’s David Archer with Precision Fitness, that’s who.  (And check out whose business card he’s holding…)

David Archer

David Archer – Precision Fitness

And last but not least is Lil Arnold himself, Alex Kinion.  The man is like nine feet tall and his bicep is bigger than my thigh.

Alex Kinion

Alex Kinion

Thanks to all the behind-the-scenes people running the show and good luck to all contestants!

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