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Now that I’ve done two shows I’m beginning to recognize other competitors, which is kind of fun.  This is Shannon O’Shea, but I call her Hugs because she freely dispensed them backstage at the Texas State Naturals to anyone who looked nervous (myself included.)  She’s a mom and lost 60 lbs. through bodybuilding!  I hope to do a longer interview with her and post some of her progress pics.  She’s with Camp Hero Fitness.

Shannon O'Shea

Shannon O’Shea

Grace Hosen is competing in the Bikini Masters Division and is standing with her trainers from Team Bronze Body.  This year Texas Shredder has opened up a team division, which is adding an interesting dynamic.

Grace Hosen

Grace Hosen

Third time competitor Brooks Annarino will be in the Figure Division.  What’s the difference between Bikini Division and Figure Division?  Let me count the ways!  The main difference is the posing.  Bikini poses are all about sassiness.  They are stylized and fun.  Figure competitors are judged more on muscularity and symmetry.  They do four 1/4 turn poses and wear bikinis that cross in the back.

Brooks Annarino

Brooks Annarino

This is Kim Rose’s second show and she is doing both Masters Figure and Women’s Physique Divisions.  There are a few differences in the judging of Figure and Physique divisions.  The primary difference is that Women’s Physique is more muscular.  While the Figure competitor will present to the judges with four 1/4 turns the Physique competitor will do an individual routine with 10 seconds of warm up and then one minute of posing.  The warm up time is needed because the competitor has to flex her muscles as hard as she can to show the definition.

Kim Rose

Kim Rose

And in case you were wondering, Master’s Divisions start at 35 years old and go up from there.  Good luck, ladies!  You are fierce!

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