3 Fundraising Ideas for Charity Run/Walks



It can be difficult to get back into exercising if you have taken a hiatus due to pregnancy, injury or just-not-feelin’-it syndrome.    The key to sticking with any program is motivation.

Have you considered doing a run/walk for your favorite charity? It’s a great way for you to make some friends, get in a little exercise and help raise money for something you believe in.

If you have already signed up for a charity walk, here are some fundraising ideas for you.  (I helped raise $100,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and was named Top 3 Fundraiser twice.)

3 Fundraising Ideas

  1. Set up an online donation page.  People give more money when they use a credit card versus paying with cash or check, so having an online page is vital to your cause.  If you are good with computers, try adding one of those thermometers so people can see you get closer to your goals.  Here is a sample page from my friend, Deirdre Ryan, who is doing a virtual Walk for the MS Society.  (Deirdre has MS and has physical limitations.)  You can see her link here:  Walk MSMS walk
  2. Put the FUN back in Fundraising.  I used to throw casino night fundraisers.  People like them.  Know why?  They’re fun!  It gives women an excuse to buy a fancy dress and men get to gamble with pretend money.  Everybody wins.  But you don’t have to have a big production – Throw a party at your home and have your friends give $25 admission to your charity.  You see your friends and your friends get to support a good cause.  Everyone wins.  (See a theme here?)

    6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

  3. Talk to Everyone.  If you believe in your cause you will be passionate about it.  When people see your enthusiasm, it’s contagious.  They want to help you.  And just like the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, you are just 6 people away from meeting someone who can help you meet your goals.  But you’ll never know until you start talking.

Hope this helps!  If Multiple Sclerosis is a cause you believe in, please check out my friend’s website.  She is a mere $145 away from her goal:  You can see her link here:  Walk MS

Are you doing any charity walks or runs?  Do you have any tips?

Lisa ;)

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6 responses to “3 Fundraising Ideas for Charity Run/Walks

  1. Thanks for posting my link! I raised $1,000 on my own as a virtual walker. Next year I plan on getting a team going and EVERYONE needs to help raise money.
    Click on the link to see my first MS Walk and I am forever grateful for my friends and Lisa(who I consider a sister) for helping me get through an emotional moment ❤ http://youtu.be/GMii95cK-g0

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