Ima Gangsta Shawty

Gangsta  Last week my trainer, Mel, was enjoying her honeymoon so I worked out at 24 Hour Fitness with Mama T.  (You can read how she got her name here:  Cussing with Mama T.)

Anyway, the coolest thing ever happened when we were at the T-bar.  This woman started staring at us, so I asked, “Did you want to work in sets with us?”

And she said, “You guys are really hardcore.  I’m a personal trainer but you guys are serious.  It’s nice to see women lifting so heavy.”

After we chitchatted for a bit Mama T and I moved on to the assisted chin up machine.  I put it on level 42 and began to lift my body, talking to Mama T excitedly.

“Mama T, we’re gangsta shorties!  I mean, I know she was really looking at you, but Ima claim some of that too.  Ima blog about it! Ima ouch…”

“What just happened?”

“I think I popped my shoulder.”  I hung my head in shame.

I am not gangsta. 

I am in pain. 

Also, Mel told me today that the word is “Shawty” and not “Shorty” when I told her the story.

On the upside the chiropractor was really nice and told me that my shoulder pop had nothing to do with the chin up but had everything to do with my chin jutting out as I blog on my computer.  He gave me some stretches to do and then said he would see me in August when I pop my shoulder again.  (I do this once a quarter.  At least I’m consistent.)

Did you ever have a public fail at the gym or is this stuff just reserved for me?

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12 responses to “Ima Gangsta Shawty

  1. I love this story! I honestly am grinning from ear to ear! Sometimes being a gangster Shawty can draw attention and pop shoulders. Ooch….. its not easy being the cool girls in the gym. Hope you are okay! You are one tuff chick.

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