Pop Quiz: How Do You Handle Stress?

You might be wondering, “Gee, why hasn’t Lisa blogged for two days?  That’s odd.”  Which leads us to today’s pop quiz:

How do you handle stress?  Do you:

A)  Drink wineWine

B)  Cling to comfort food like a shirt clings to a weather girl on Fox NewsPeanut butter

C)  Exercise for so long at the gym even the trainers start to look at you funnyBack

D)  Organize your closets in an attempt to exert some fashion of control in your frazzled lifeCloset

E)  All of the above

If you answered E, then we are simpatico right now.

This week was pretty damn awful for me.  My husband was out of town for four days, my son got a stomach bug, I was given a checklist of 30+ documents to compile for work and had 1 day to finish it, got lost on my daughter’s field trip to a farm in East Bumblefuck, Texas and then my mom tells me the doctor found a tumor in her breast.

I snapped.

But today everything is better because my mom DOES NOT have cancer.  She went in for the ultrasound and it was just a cyst.  But somehow the doctor’s office got her file mixed up with another patient and everyone was talking tumors and treatments and what-ifs.  In this case, thank God for human error and ultrasounds.

My trainer, Mel, told me I was not allowed to celebrate with another glass of wine, but I could enjoy some Casein pudding 😉  So I’m getting back on track today.  I wasn’t going to write about it, but this is a blog about ups and downs and it wouldn’t be very honest of me if I said I do yoga to unwind.  I don’t.  I eat.  But at least now I’ve added exercise and closet organization into the mix.

How about you?  How do you handle stress?

Lisa ;)

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8 responses to “Pop Quiz: How Do You Handle Stress?

  1. Sounds stressful!! And seriously, this happens. Life happens. Stress happens and we do not always pick the perfect path to relive it. But you move forward. Thanks for the honest post! And this last week has been stressful for me as well, and I used wine a few times this week and increased my yoga. I also lowered my weight training/cardio to keep my adrenals happy. Seems to have helped a bit.

  2. You forgot to add, swearing a lot (in real life (irl on the interwebby devices), in your blogs, or both). Just noticed a lot more ‘colorful language’ (as Spock put it) in thee couple of blogs. 🙂

  3. Yep sounds like an insane week! BUT instead of just saying, “FUCK IT” and racing out to the nearest Chinese buffet while shoving all kinds of MSG and carbs and fried coating down your throat, you only had some wine and PB AND got a closet organized AND worked out extra. So that’s pretty awesome with that kind of week in my book. Just sayin 🙂

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