May Goals

Last month I had 30 goals.  Most months I have 3.  This month I’ll try 10 – Three new ones and seven carry overs from last month that I’m fairly confident I can achieve.  (I’m trying to find that magic threshold where I push myself without going crazy in the process.)

  1. Volunteer this month.  I’ll have to find a good cause and help out.
  2. Correct my posture.  I jut my chin out and collapse my chest.  You would think, “That couldn’t possibly be comfortable,” but my body seems to think it is.  Until something pops and I have to go back to the chiropractor.  I need to figure this out.  I’m not even sure how I will know if I made progress or not, but at least I’ll make the effort.

    I will fix my posture.  I will fix my posture.  I will fix my posture.

    I will fix my posture. I will fix my posture. I will fix my posture.

  3. Focus on Show Prep.  Only 7 weeks to go.  Yikes!  Learn Figure poses, get correct pose suit, eat clean, train dirty.
  4. Start to edit my book.  This scares me, so it must be good for me.
  5. Make Shutterfly books.  My daughter has like 8 full blown 8 x 11 books for each holiday.  My son was born and celebrated Christmas once, but that’s it for his photo documentation.

    Rylee and Henry Traugott

    Rylee and Henry Traugott

  6. Start the Rosetta Stone Spanish DVDs.  Become fluent enough that I can start a bar fight with a local while vacationing in Cabo.
  7. Did I mention I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador now?  I need to post the button on my blog.
  8. Clear out the playroom/all closets.  Make millions at the corresponding garage sale.
  9. Get 1,000 “likes” on FB.  (I’m at 831 right now.)
  10. Organize business officeFor real this time.  (See organize business office goal?  I’m not forgetting about you!  You’re not going away.  You’re going to keep ending up on these goals lists, so don’t think you can hide from me.  I know where you live.)

Do you have any goals for May?

Lisa ;) (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

12 responses to “May Goals

  1. I’d like to keep on 80/20 on “Paleo,” go to spinning more often, and have more than 14 likes on Facebook. I am so not good at selling myself.

    • Are you trying to grow your personal FB or a FB page for your website? If you have a page you are trying to grow, read the post 7 Things You Might Find Useful. It explains how to get more “likes”. Good luck!

  2. Great goals. Rosetta Stone is supposed to be a great program so I’m sure you’ll be bar fighting in confidence. Your kids sure are cute. I hope to make it up to 15 push ups this month.

  3. I love shutterfly! We have books from all of our travels. Your goals seem very doable this month 🙂 Mine…hm…. Figure out how to get little man to sleep in his bassinet instead of my arms. working on balancing home, baby and work. not being too tired to appreciate my most amazing husband and make sure he knows it. Get over my fear of taking the baby out of the house (I have no idea where this came from)

  4. Get healthy . . . these trees in NJ just wizz their sperm all over and I can’t breathe! Thank God for my allergist. I can now do normal things without getting breathless, but the Boy Scout troop does Back Packing and my hubby wants to takes hikes that involve serious hills. At my follow-up appt. I will ask him about improving my cardio ability.

  5. “This scares me, so it must be good for me.” Well said! I like to steer myself towards things that make me nauseous. Thanks for the inspiration!

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