Trainer Checklist

From time to time I get questions from readers, and this is a common one:  “I’m interested in bodybuilding.  How do I find a good trainer?”  Well, if you’re in Austin, Texas I have several options for you….

But if you are living in New Zealand or some other place far, far, away like Dallas, well then here is a handy little checklist for you when you are interviewing potential trainers:

Lisa Traugott

Lisa Traugott

1.  Have they done a bodybuilding show before?  It’s a totally unique sport.  The food and exercise schedule is very specific and things like poses, posing suit selection, tanning and overall conditioning can make the difference between just walking on stage and walking home with a trophy.
2.  Does the trainer’s personality click with yours?  Your trainer doesn’t need to be your best friend, but you do need to trust the person enough to talk about your body and your mental road blocks that have been preventing you from success thus far.
3.  Does the trainer look the part/live the lifestyle?  As a fitness professional your body is your billboard and it’s pretty hard for me personally to listen to someone smoking cigarettes and eating McDonald’s.
4.  Is meal plan included with the exercise program?  If not, can they recommend a nutritionist who can do bodybuilding diets?  I cannot stress enough how important the food component is to bodybuilding.
5.  Do they get results?  Do they have client success stories?  Before/after pics to show you?

If you live in the Austin area, here are some trainers I personally recommend for both bodybuilding and general fitness:

Lisa Traugott (you knew I had to plug myself!)  I specialize in weight loss clients and will be starting a beginners booty camp this summer.  You can contact me at:

Melissa Merritt Coker – Mel’s Machines.  She specializes in bodybuilding and body sculpting for people trying to lose “the last 10 pounds.”  She is also my personal trainer, so of course I can vouch for her!  Here is the team Facebook page for contact info:  Mel’s Machines.

Melissa Merritt Coker

Melissa Merritt Coker

Julius and Tiffany WashingtonSilverBack Fitness.  They do group classes as well as personal training.  (If you follow the blog, Tiffany is also known as Mama T.)  Contact:

Tiffany Washington

Tiffany Washington

Kalyn Blacklock F.U.E.L. Fitness.  They do group classes as well as personal training.  (If you follow the blog, Kalyn is also known as the Chiari Warrior.)  You can contact her partner, Chris at:

Kalyn Blacklock

Kalyn Blacklock

Good luck trainer shopping and I hope you find someone who can be the right fitness partner for you.

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