Bad Surprise

Some surprises are good.  Like surprise birthday parties.  Or refund checks you forgot were coming in the mail.  Other surprises are not good.  Like when your trainer sends you a text at 4:50 a.m. that says, “Surprise!  It’s leg day!  Make sure to warm up.”  That is a very, very bad surprise.  (In fairness, she wrote, “Warning! It’s leg day!” and not “Surprise!  It’s leg day,” but it was still unexpected and let’s not get caught up on the semantics of word selection right now.)Legs

Then I got to thinking that not everyone can relate to what it means to have a surprise leg day workout, so I have prepared a list of other bad surprises.

Bad Surprises

  1. Opening your quarterly statement to discover the value of your 401k dropped 50%.
  2. The teacher gives you a pop quiz on those last three chapters you haven’t read yet.
  3. Leaving the pet store thinking you bought a cat only to discover once home you’ve actually purchased a cheetah.  I realize this is unlikely, but I think we can all agree this would be a bad surprise.

    cheetah 200

    cheetah 200 (Photo credit: Octopus Head)

  4. Going for an annual check up and hearing the doctor say, “Surprise!  We’re doing a colonoscopy today!”  I’ll bet even if he or she said “Warning!  We’re doing a colonoscopy today!” you’d still be startled just the same.
  5. Stepping on the scale and discovering you lost 1 pound.  At first you’d think, “What a great surprise!  Who knew that hypothetically cheating on my diet with a banana nut muffin could be such an effective weight loss  technique?’ only to discover that Weigh inSurprise!  Your son had been messing with the scale calibration so you really didn’t lose 1 pound, you actually gained 3.  (*Note:  No actual banana nut muffins were eaten for this post.  It was just a hypothetical muffin if you’re my trainer reading this.)

But what if my trainer reads this and begins to thing that the hypothetical banana nut muffin isn’t really a hypothetical banana nut muffin, but a real real muffin?  Who knows what kind of bombshell sadomasochistic penalty workout she might create in response?  I mean we’ve already clearly established that her surprise workouts are not good surprises.

OK, I’m getting off track here.  My point is schedule your colonoscopy in advance and I did not eat a muffin.

Have you ever had a bad surprise?

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17 responses to “Bad Surprise

  1. I always have bad surprises when I underestimate the workout or running distance that I’m signed up for. Like when I went to my first running clinic class, I was pretty sure we weren’t going to run at all (due to sidewalk conditions – ice, snow) but nope.. we ran 5 miles! Or me going to my Crossfit assessment thinking it was just a bunch of stretches and flexibility/mobility tests, and finding out I had an actual fitness test to complete.
    I always think “How hard/bad can it be?” and because of that.. there’s always bad surprises happening to me.. hehe

  2. Sorry I didn’t text you last night to warn you about leg day today, that way you could have been somewhat prepared..But who are we really kidding?? Noway to have prepared for that beast of a workout! Always fun training with my girls. xo Thanks for always making us laugh!

    • Yes! $20 plus shipping. Just email me at with the subject line: T-shirt. Let me know your size and which shirt you want to order and your address. I’ll give you the Paypal info.
      I should probably write a post about that….

  3. I could deal with #4 better than going to the dentist, finding out I have a cavity, and being told I need a filling. That’s the worst when you have a problem with needles and they want to stick one in your mouth.

    • Anything with the word “needle” = a bad surprise. Examples: “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack,” “It’s easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven,” and “Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.” Yes, needles in any form = bad surprise.

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