Pop Quiz: Chin Ups vs. Push Ups

Question of the day:  What’s worse?

A)  Chin ups

Chin up, Lisa!

Chin up, Lisa!

B)  Push upsPush ups 1

C)  They both equally suck

D)  What are you talking about Lisa?  I LOVE these two exercises!

If you answered D…well, I’ll forgive you just this one time but only because you clearly have more upper body strength than me and I never try to pick fights with people who can kick my ass.  

What’s your vote?

Lisa ;)

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28 responses to “Pop Quiz: Chin Ups vs. Push Ups

  1. Chin UPS!!!! I can only hang there for about four seconds!! Lol! Push UPS I can do but only about eight to ten…girl style!

  2. Don’t get me started on chin ups. They’re my nemesisisis 😉 Push ups, byccomparison, are easy.
    I’m getting there with the chin ups, but they’re taking time.

  3. What to combine the two and add something else to make it really suck? Burpee pullups! Yeah, do a push up, bring your feet in and hop up grab the bar and do a pull up, then repeat! It’s great fun if you like self torture! 🙂

  4. I’m better at pushups than chinups but I actually like chinups better. They make me feel stronger!

  5. I would say D 🙂
    I can do more push-up repetitions, yet I also like chin-ups or pull-ups (usually chin-ups are easier than pull-ups). However, you need nothing to do push-ups, and for chin-ups you need a pull-up bar.

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