Pop Quiz: Open or Closed

Pop Quiz:  When you are lifting really, really heavy weights (like over 5 lbs.) do you:

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

A)  Close your eyes

B)  Stop breathing

C)  All of the above

D)  What are you talking about, Lisa?  Of course my eyes are open and I’m breathing.

If you answered D, I’m not going to player hate, but that’s only because I won’t be able to see you and  it’s tough talking smack without breathing.

How about you?  Do you close your eyes or hold your breath?


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14 responses to “Pop Quiz: Open or Closed

  1. When I started my first Kickboxing class, I always held my breath when I was punching on the punching bag. My instructor had to teach me to exhale when I punched to make sure I was breathing. It cracked him up cause he said he never had to teach someone to remember to breathe before LOL

  2. I get yelled at for holding my breath by my trainer so I have learned to breathe properly but I still close my eyes (depending on the move) sometimes. Isn’t it weird that we do that!

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