How Are You Spending Memorial Day Weekend?

Memorial Day is an American holiday that started after the American Civil War to honor both the Union and Confederate soldiers who died while fighting.  It was originally called Decoration Day.  It evolved into a day honoring all soldiers who died while in service.  Thank you to anyone who served.

It also marks the unofficial start of summer.

My daughter has informed me that there are just seven days left of school.  Yikes!  I guess I better start trolling the mommy blogs out there to see what fun and creative things I can do with my kids.  Although, I have to say, my kids have WAAAAAY more fun things to do than I ever did.

With the kids at Padre Island

With the kids at Padre Island

In Jersey we went to the mall.  Mall = Summer.  If my dad took off from work it also meant we would go to the shore for a week, which was pretty awesome.  Well, except for the jellyfish.  Every year like clockwork I would get stung by one.  (And no, no one ever peed on my foot to take away the sting.)  In Jersey you go to the shore.  In California you go to the beach.Lisa bikini

In Austin, Texas, I guess you go to the movies because it’s pouring rain outside right now.  But first I’m off to the gym to get some cardio in.

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend?  How do you kick off summer?

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8 responses to “How Are You Spending Memorial Day Weekend?

  1. Jellyfish stings. Yuck, that doesn’t sound like fun. Do you have to just tough it out, or do you go to the doc for something like that?
    We’re just having family over for BBQ Sunday or Monday. Nothing big happening this weekend. School gets out for us in mid-June.

    • School out just around the corner from you. Yay! 🙂

      The jellyfish usually got my lower calf. I just had to put ice on it for an hour or so. One time I got out of the water and a crab had attached itself to my bathing suit just below my armpit. After that I started swimming in pools.

  2. Where’s Mel?!? Cause I see some amazing pictures of one hot and ripped mama on here! You’re going to rock your show!

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