Happy Endings

Can’t blog very long – have a big deadline at work but wanted to share my happiness about three things:

  1. I can eat salt and mustard now.  Apparently I always could, but didn’t know it.  I kind of feel like a dumbass.  Like when Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy all she has to do to get back to Kansas is click her heels three times and Dorothy was like, “Click my heels?  I just killed the Wicked Witch of the West, when all I had to do was click my damn ruby slippers?”  Anyway, salt and mustard = new lease on life.

    Happiness = Mustard

    Happiness = Mustard

  2. Now that my son is pushing four I’ve finally gotten around to working on his baby book.  You have no idea how much guilt has been lifted from my shoulders over this.  My first child had 800 pictures from the first week alone.  Second babies…well…you just get so busy.   But I started his book!  I didn’t even finish, just got like six pages done, but:  He was born, hugged by his grandparents, and took his first bath.   This is all documented now in a cute baby scrapbook album.  Yes!

    Little Henry's Baby Album

    Little Henry’s Baby Album

  3. I might be going to my first blogger convention next month!!  It’s perfect timing because it’s the weekend after my competition.  One of the bloggers I follow, MizFitOnline,  recommended I check it out, so now I just have to see if I can coordinate everything on the home front.  Cross your fingers for me.

Did you have a good long weekend?  Anything you’re excited about in the near future?

Lisa ;)

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6 responses to “Happy Endings

  1. Are you a fan of scrapbooking? Looks like you are on your way to completing a great baby book. Mustard is the best condiment ever, so congrats on being able to eat it!

  2. I too love salt and I love apples and carrots. That is beacuse I am a horse. I love scrappbooking my exploits in the barnyard. regards MR ED

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