3 Sexy Abs Secrets

Beach season is upon us.  Are you ready to rock that bikini?  Try out these:

3 Sexy Abs Secrets:


  1. Follow the 90/10 Rule (TM).  I used to think that having a bikini body was 50% and 50% exercise.  It’s not.  It’s more like 90% diet.  For real.  You can do a billion sit ups but if you have a layer of baby fat on top no one will see your six pack.  Eat clean, which means you eat natural, unprocessed foods that have a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats (like avocado, olive oil and almonds.)  When you shop, stick to the perimeter of the store where the produce and meats are located and avoid the inner aisles where the processed foods live.  If you need help with your diet, contact a nutritionist or dietician.  You can also check out the diet I used:  The Bikini Diet and read The Secret to Being Thin.
  2. If you are trying to lose weight, kick up your cardio a notch.  If you are always doing the treadmill, try a kickboxing class.  Listen to music you love to forget about the minutes on the clock.  Want to tone up?  Try planks.  You can do a standard one (which is basically the “up” position of a push up) and hold it 30-60 seconds, or as long as you can.  As you get stronger you can add side planks to work your obliques.  Do your plank work out three times a week and you will see more definition in your core.

    1 week before 1st competition

    1 week before 1st competition

  3. Mommy Tip:  Posture and Suit selection goes a long way.  If you have given birth, chances are you have either mom’s apron (which is fancy for excess skin) or stretch marks.  I have hardcore mom’s apron going on, but most times you can’t tell because I wear bikinis that come up a little higher and when I’m standing around at a pool party I arch my back.  Arching your back elongates the look of your torso and smooths that excess skin out a bit.  Seriously – stand in front of a mirror and try it out.  See?  I give you the real deal!

What are your favorite ab exercises that get you results?

Lisa ;)



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20 responses to “3 Sexy Abs Secrets

  1. I love this! I have the “mom apron” too (never heard of it being called that but it makes so much sense). I spent a lot of time thinking how to figure out a way to get rid of that rather thank just working on what I have and choosing my wardrobe wisely. BTW – LOVE LOVE LOVE the shopping tip for eating clean (stay on the outter perimitter). Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hate planks, they are so damn boring. Try weighted crunches as well to bring out some definition, I always keep man eye out for any good ab workouts. I always do about 10-15 minutes of abs every workout and this is because in that section of the gym its alot quieter so I escape the testosterone fueled free weights after 35 minutes and get in the zone for some abs because you just know its what the girls like in summer.

  3. I love doing Toes to bar. This workouts your entire core and also lower back 🙂 I also love the ab wheel for the same benefits as above

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