Can You Savor It?

I am having a lot of fun doing my Happify activities.  FYI – I was asked by the website host to be a “Happify Pioneer” – participate in researched based activities to improve my overall happiness and blog about my experiences.  No, I’m not getting paid (darn it!) but I’m doing it anyway because who doesn’t want to be happier, right?

Anyway, my exercise was to pick a meal and then savor it.  I chose my protein pudding, ’cause what’s not to love?  It’s chocolate and delicious and my trainer said I can eat it.  I love this stuff!  Yet…

Protein pudding

Protein pudding


For the life of me I couldn’t savor it.  I picked up a book and started reading it.  Then I forced myself to put the book down and savor the pudding.  But I noticed there were some dishes in the sink that needed to be washed, so I washed them.  Then I felt kind of guilty for not checking my emails, or commenting on people’s blog posts, or updating my business receipts in Quicken.  I felt like the bowl of pudding was shaking its head at me.  Pathetic.

According to the website (it includes links to the cited studies):

“Each form of savoring has its own benefits. People who savor the present are less prone to depression, have less stress, guilt, and shame. People who savor the past (reminiscing) are best able to buffer stress. And people who savor the future (anticipation) are more optimistic.


Researchers [S-1] found that people who frequently find the time to slow down and savor the world around them are less likely to experience depression, stress, guilt and shame.


Through his research, Dr. Fred Bryant has also confirmed that savoring is beneficial and promotes good health.[S-2] Those who regularly and frequently savor are happier, more optimistic and more satisfied with life in general.”

Do you do that?  Do you feel the need to be in constant motion?  Like you are in a race against your to-do list?

Lisa 😉

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6 responses to “Can You Savor It?

  1. Completely get it! I can’t do just one thing! I try, but I’m so easily distracted that I’m flitting all over while attempting it. I even tried “guided meditation” and found myself thinking that if this woman would just talk faster, I could get on to something else. I kid you not! LOL!

    • Chocolate Ispopure zero carb protein powder with crushed ice, a handful of spinach (to thicken it plus get in more veggies) and Stevia (to hide the spinach taste.) I put it in my mini food processor and it comes out like chocolate ice cream. It’s really, really good.

  2. I can’t do it! It’s one of those things where you think you can savor and then it just doesn’t happen. I try but always find the food gone before I realized I was done eating.

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