Tell Me Something Good

Every Tuesday the Morning Mashup on Sirius XM has a segment called, “Tell Me Something Good,” where people call in their good news.  Here’s my good news for the day:

Only 4 more days until the Adela Garcia Classic.  Which means in 4 days I will no longer have to eat this:

Fish and asparagus

Fish and asparagus

What’s your good news?


Lisa ;)

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12 responses to “Tell Me Something Good

  1. I love the idea of calling in and telling some good news. I love your good news.
    My good news: I passed my practical Gym Instructor course on Friday.

  2. My good news is that I’m looking at a long weekend coming and the start up of my online store!

    You have far more strength than me, just to eat that. Ugh!

  3. I’m looking forward to reading about the event! I’ll bet it will feel awesome afterwards to eat something different. My good news: Great day back on the wagon yesterday and a whole 5 pounds of bloat came off from yesterdays WI. haha

  4. I know you’re done with it, but looks pretty tasty to me. Best of luck to you at the Classic…too bad I’m not still in Austin to see it 😉

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