Sometimes Paper Wins

As a writer I love reading just about anything: books, magazines, movie scripts, blogs.  I tend to prefer the paper format because there is something great about folding over a page I find interesting, feeling the weight of the book I’m about to read, smelling the perfume inserts in the magazines.  You can’t smell perfume inserts on a Kindle.

That’s why this video clip posted on one of my favorite blogs, My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans, made me smile.

Sometimes, paper wins.

In other news, Lululemon contacted me about my application to be their new CEO.  (You can read the post here:  Lisa Traugott, CEO Lululemon.)  They said, “We received your application.”  Let’s hear it for online communication!  If I had waited for a letter I probably would not have received it until tomorrow.

Do you prefer old school reading materials or computers?

Lisa :)

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2 responses to “Sometimes Paper Wins

  1. I like paper far too much! Like you, I love magazines and the feel of them in my hands, but I’m finding myself buying more books for my iPad. I find reading while on the treadmill makes time go much faster.

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