Tell Me Something Good!

Happy Tuesday!  On the Morning Mash Up they have a segment called “Tell Me Something Good” where calls share their good news.  One caller said she was trying to get her four children to see all 50 states before they graduated college, which reminded me of my good news:

Portland, Oregon.  Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Portland, Oregon. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I’m going to Fit Bloggin’ 13 in Portland, Oregon this week.  I’ve never been to a) Oregon or b) a blogger convention, so doing something shiny and new clearly counts as something good.

In other good news my Dirty Eating Vacation is over and I’m back to clean eating and going to the gym.  My body is much happier now.

How about you?  What good news do you want to share?

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12 responses to “Tell Me Something Good!

  1. I went to bed at an earlier last night and managed to get to work for 6:30am, which means crossing things off my to-do list before anyone else has even made it into the office. And now I’m enjoying my Starbucks americano. Perfect start to the day!

    Ooh.. and more good news.. I found out that later this year, I’m moving to a new desk/cubicle, and it’s a window spot!!

  2. Now that is something to look forward too 🙂 Good news: I have dropped 6% in body fat in 3 months and my trainer are happy. Here’s to the next 3 months.

  3. That sounds awesome! My good news… hubby is getting a promotion and now that we’re back in the states I’ve had a much easier time sticking to my fitness plans

  4. Have fun in Oregon! I’d love to hear about the convention. My good news is that I have a week until my vacation, so more time to get some exercise and healthy eating in before the lack of routine sets in.

  5. My son graduated from grade 8 today! I’m a proud mama! I’ve never been to a blogger convention. Looking forward to hearing all about your experience.

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