Travel Exercise Game Plan

Last year when I flew out to NJ for my 20th high school reunion my trainer asked me, “So do you have a game plan for eating clean and exercising while you’re gone for four days?”

“Umhuhm,” I mumbled/lied.

Guess how well that trip turned out?  But THIS time is different!  Why?  Because this trip I’m going to FitBloggin ’13 and there are fitness events scheduled throughout the entire conference.  Also, my mom won’t be there telling me I’m too skinny and feeding me fried chicken.

This time my suitcase is packed with nothing but gym clothes. See?

Suitcase full of gym clothes

Suitcase full of gym clothes

There is a gym in my hotel, but I have a back-up plan in case the gym is overrun by fellow fitness bloggers.  Here is my workout schedule for today:

Thursday – Cardio and Core

  1. Run for 30 minutes
  2. Planks
  3. Side Planks
  4. Levers
  5. Crunches

Each plank will be held for 1 minute and then the full set will be done for 3 reps.

How about you?  What exercises do you do when you travel?

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