The Big Day

Today is the Big Day.  We’ve planned for it.  We spent money getting ready for it.  The anticipation is at break point.  Yes, today is little Henry’s first baseball practice.

Little Henry's 1st Day of Baseball

Little Henry’s 1st Day of Baseball

My son has been sleeping with a baseball bat since he was two, so this is a monumental day for him.  He looks so cute! Figuring out which sport(s) your children will participate in is apparently a pretty big deal.  Excelling in sports can mean a full scholarship to a good college or a trip to the Olympics.

But if you come from my genes, it probably means you will just do it for fun.  (We can’t all be on the Wheaties box…)

Benefits of Kids and Physical Activity:

According to Presidential Physical Activity Initiative, children who exercise 60 minutes per day gain many benefits beyond just maintaining a healthy weight and strengthening bones and muscles, including:

  • Improved test scores, grades, and time management skills
  • Boosted concentration, memory and classroom behavior
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Strengthened social and cooperative skills, such as teamwork and problem solving
  • Reduced anxiety and stress

(Source:  Physical Activity Initiative)

Do your kids play sports?  What benefits have you noticed from their participation?

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11 responses to “The Big Day

  1. All three of my children played sports. On of the hem went on to play football in college. All of them are more confident in themselves and continue to be fit and healthy.

      • They are all young adults now so it is even more striking; My oldest (now that he is done with football) runs and lifts, my middle child (a son) lifts and swims and my daughter is about to have a baby but watches her eating closely. The discipline of being in sports has continued on for all of them in some way or another.

  2. I once played rugby with a broken arm, as my dad didnt believe I had broken it. I was getting in my excercise, just in excruciating pain.

  3. we are a hockey family in the winter, with all 4 of us playing! and we ski and snowboard too, which makes it hard to fit it all in. In the summer the kids sail up at the cottage. They never seemed to interested in baseball, although now they will play catch in the backyard any chance they get. Little Henry is absolutely adorable in that pic! Have fun at the ball diamond!

    • Hockey is such a fun game, but there aren’t too many ice rinks in Texas. Little Henry is so excited! He has been walking around the house with his uniform and baseball bat all week.

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