Good News/Bad News

Good news!  I made enough of my clean eating meals to last an entire month!

Frozen food for a month

Frozen food for a month

Bad news…now I have to eat it.

I’m going a little crazy here because I’m not sure which competition I’m going to do next, or even which division.  I like figure; the poses are a lot easier and it’s a better fit for my physique, but I’ll have to put on a lot of muscle mass and that takes a lot of time.  Also, I’m not going to do steroids, so I think it’s best for me to just look for natural bodybuilding competitions and there are only two of those in Austin per year.

If I go back to bikini division I won’t have to put on much more muscle, but I will have to put significant effort into the posing routine, which is the toughest part for me.

I wanted to do the fitness division – that’s where you do a two minute dance/gymnastics routine but as I: a) can’t dance and b) can’t do gymnastics, that means I will need to take at least a year to learn those things before even considering a competition.

So with all my exercise routines in a hot steaming pile of question marks, that leaves me with clean eating to focus on.

Well balanced meal

Well balanced meal

But that’s not really exciting, is it?  I’ve been trying to follow Twitter recently and some people take a picture of their breakfast Every.  Single.  Day.   And it’s always oatmeal.  I mean, sure, bacon and eggs on Monday, French toast on Tuesday, granola with yogurt on Wednesday, BY ALL MEANS:  TAKE THE PICTURE.  But just oatmeal?

And how are these people getting 3,452 followers?

Do you eat the same breakfast Every.  Single.  Day?

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26 responses to “Good News/Bad News

    • Now I get to sound like a mom and say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…” I don’t know if it really is or isn’t but it sure does taste good.

      • I have to be at work at 5 in the morning and genuinely get ill if I eat that early. I do sometimes eat around 10, but that tends to be more like lunch. I love breakfast, when I get the time. 😉

  1. You have more stick-to-it-ness than I do. Congrats on the clean eating! You started this to scare yourself into new habits and DID it! What makes you think you can’t learn to dance or do hot poses? If you can learn correct form to lift the kind of weights you do to get that ass lifted, what makes you think you can’t learn to shake it? Of course you can!

  2. I’m guilty of eating the same breakfast most days out of habit and ease: toast with raw honey, almond/peanut butter, half a banana & flax. Saw some good ideas on pinterest & instagram for cold overnight oats though!

  3. Holy crap. And here I’m proud of myself when I make two or three days worth of meals. 🙂

  4. I’ve eaten the same thing for breakfast for the last two months at least….a protein shake… But I only took a picture of it the first day!

  5. I usually have bacon and eggs every morning. I don’t need to take a picture of it. I am fairly sure that everyone that follows me on Twitter knows what that looks like. 🙂

    I envy your freezer storage space. I have to cram things in to get a bag of ice in (damn small fridge/freezers in the UK!).

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Sooo good to meet you at Fitbloggin’! Finally getting around to connecting with everyone & am looking forward to finding out which show you do next 🙂

    Is that your freezer? Do you keep a second freezer for the rest of the family? 😉

    • Hey! It was great meeting you too! I have to start catching up with everyone at Fitbloggin’ too. I think my next show will be in April of 2014. We only have one freezer but my family doesn’t eat 6 meals a day like I do, so they don’t require the same freezer space. 😉

      What’s up with you?

  7. My breakfasts vary by time of year, but mostly it’s the same thing. Oatmeal! lol Summers I like oatmeal with cinnamon, fruit, and yogurt. During the school year I need something quick and easy so I make ahead special granola bars that are packed with nutrients and calories/energy. When it gets too hot in the summer I’ll skip the oatmeal and go for yogurt and fruit.

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