Makeover Monday

Ever notice how diets always start on a Monday?  No one ever says, “Whoo hoo!  It’s Saturday night!  Time to start a diet!”  Probably because weekends are meant to be fun and everyone knows Mondays are awful and so are diets and why not marry the two together, right?Grumpy Cat MondayA few years ago I was in a Toasmasters club that held meetings in my office building.  I loved that club.  Loved hearing speeches by co-workers and tenants about topics I never would have guessed they were interested in.  People are way more interesting once you take the time to learn more about them then just their job description.  Anyway, one day this guy made a speech about how Monday was his favorite day of the week.  (He seemed like such a nice guy…what was wrong with him?)  Grumpy Cat Monday He said he loved Monday because it was like starting with a clean slate, like he had a chance to makeover whatever mistakes were made the week prior.


This weekend I felt like I looked into a crystal ball and saw that my future for the next fourteen years was shuffling kids between organized sporting activities.   We ate burgers and ice cream after the baseball game and didn’t eat dinner until 7 p.m. and everyone was tired and sorta grouchy.

Henry playing T ball

Henry playing T ball

Makeover Monday.

Everyone had a healthy breakfast.  The kids put away the dishes.  I’m back to eating what’s on my meal plan.  And now that his first T-ball game is over, I can better prepare for this weekend’s game, so enough healthy food is pre-packed and ready to go.

Maybe there is something to this “Monday’s rock” thing.   If you went a little off kilter this weekend, why not use today to reset?

How about you?  Is there anything you would like to makeover this Monday?

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4 responses to “Makeover Monday

  1. Lisa, I went off my diet as well this past weekend due to having in-laws there and we just chilled. But on that wagon we were again from Sunday evening when they left, going back home 2000+ miles away from us.

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