Some Fitness Motivation

When I’m feeling down or totally unmotivated I like to read fitness quotes.  Here are some of my favorites:Liar

  This “liar” quote got me through my first bodybuilding competition, when everything was a challenge for me:  eating clean for the first time, going to the gym consistently, fighting against the voices in my head that said, “I’m too old, I won’t get fit in time for the show, this is too hard.”  All those thoughts were lies.DisciplineThis is my current mantra.  Not being able to exercise for 6 weeks is incredibly difficult for me.  I’m more anxious, and my insomnia is in overdrive and I’m falling back into old eating habits.  Even though I eat clean all day by the time 1 a.m. rolls around I’m wide awake watching The Tudors on Netflicks and eating chips.  Pain is weakness

The “Pain” quote is my favorite.  Before I started training I took one of those Body Pump classes.  I had no clue what I was doing, even the lightest weights were too heavy and every muscle in my body was sore.  I was in the middle of the class (the room was packed) and the instructor looked at me through the crowd and said, “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body.”  I almost started to cry.Work for itIf you want it you have to earn it, and that means WORK FOR IT.  Self esteem is not something that comes in a pill, or can be purchased or given; you get it by doing hard things.  You have to work for it.HardcoreThe cape thing made me laugh.

How about you?  What’s your favorite fitness quote?

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5 responses to “Some Fitness Motivation

  1. One of my favorites has always been “If you don’t make time for fitness now, you will have to make time for illness later” …I can never remember the exact phrasing but that’s close 😉

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