Is it REALLY Worth the Effort?

It’s been five weeks now since I’ve eaten clean and exercised consistently.  Next week all fitness restrictions from my surgery come off and while I’m excited to begin training for my next bodybuilding competition, I also feel a bit overwhelmed, like I’m starting over again.  It feels like I’m at the bottom of the mountain, doing mental calculations of exactly how much mental and physical exertion it’s going to take to climb up the stairs to get there again.  And there’s this little nagging voice in the back of my head asking…

Is it really worth the effort?

Is this really worth the effort?

Is this really worth the effort?

There is a reason why bodybuilding is a niche sport:  it’s hard.  While your friends are drinking margaritas and eating nachos, you’re pulling out Tupperwear with homemade lukewarm tilapia, green beans and brown rice.  Co-workers talk about how much fun a 45 minute Zumba class is and you’re pumping iron 90 minutes four days a week plus cardio.  And you ask…

Why am I doing this?

Have you ever felt like this?  Maybe you’re training for a 10k, or a triathlon, or going back to the gym for the first time in years, and the exuberance of signing up for it has worn off and now you’re beginning to panic.

“It’s easy to climb up a mountain!  It’s easy to train for a sport!  It’s easy to eat clean consistently in all social situations!” said no one ever.

So I’m telling my inner voice to shut up and I’m starting to get back into training.  Know why?  Because the view from the mountaintop is stunning, and the feeling of training hard for something is worth the effort.  Here’s to conquering mountains.

View from the mountaintop

View from the mountaintop

What about you?  What are big project are you staring down?

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9 responses to “Is it REALLY Worth the Effort?

  1. One thing I have to be constantly reminded about is that greatness does not have to have any reason to be. More often than not, people who do great things do so for seemingly no reason. Success is not measured in money or some award, it is measured in how aligned are your actions to what is in your heart. Our callings are not required to be reasonable and they often are not. The demands of life are generally meaningless anyway. it is when the demands of your spirit step in and you do things because you have to not because they make sense, that you know you are working toward your purpose.

  2. You have a specific goal in mind and are really serious. Some of us just dream of all you’ve accomplished. I really admire your strength and dedication. Sorry, but I’m one of those Zumba ladies….at times.

  3. Excellence sought in one endeavor leads to excellence in others. Life is not about bodybuilding, however, bodybuilding, triathlon, running, swimming, and other pursuits can teach sound lessons about dedication and excellence which can be transferred to something higher in the constellation of humane service.

  4. I love that you did this post. This week have been extremely hard on me. Struggling with all sorts of things. Also thoughts like why am I doing this but then to realise that how bad I actually want this. This sport sure is all about mental strength and like you stated, it’s hard. But I want to see that view from the top as you state. I want this so bad.

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